Bronzed All Over

Posted by Scott on 25 January 2012 | Comments


Sounds like a team effort out in the sun during lunch breaks, but we've been bronzed in a different way. We have just been audited and certified bronze level as part of the Enviro-Mark™NZ programme. We've been a 'working towards' member of Enviro-Mark™NZ for far too long! It became a bit of a rocky ride due to events that hit us in the last two years, but we are completely back on track. We're on our way towards meeting the criteria for silver then ultimately gold certification, in our opinion of course (the next audit will tell). The Enviro-Mark™NZ programme is important to us, it's a way you can verify our dedication to a safer workplace and a reduced impact on the environment.


Adgraphix has identified and assessed its compliance with applicable health, safety and environmental legislation and has a clear understanding of what parts of its operations the emerging EMS will cover.


Identify applicable health, safety and environmental legislative requirements
Rectify any identified legislative compliance non-conformities
Scope your EMS
Allocate the necessary resources for the implementation and maintenance of your EMS


Read more about Enviro-Mark™NZ here.