Business Beyond The Ordinary

Posted by Scott on 5 September 2011 | Comments

Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) Asia recently held their annual conference in Singapore. This year was the first year that users of HP Scitex large format digital printers were invited to attend. It's a chance to get together, share ideas and listen to speakers. During the conference I managed to get some inspiration and insight into what's happening on a world level with large format printing. Of some concern was the positioning of social media. What struck me was the cohesion between print and online communications not being discussed in depth. I was amazed how brands are deep seeded into Facebook and probably without the general public being aware they're being influenced as much as they are.

The speakers who talked about social media didn't talk much about the value of balancing both online and print media (which would have been handy at a print conference). You still can't beat holding written words in my opinion and online marketing doesn't always work alone without print and signage supporting it. Those concerned about environmental impacts or the value of print should visit Part Of Life, a Print NZ intitiative to promote print. During the conference, a positive I heard was out-of-home media is growing (as it should) and that print (billboards etc) is considered the last of the mass media. Nice!




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