Cut To Shape Printing

Posted by Scott on 19 January 2010 | Comments

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Your graphics don't have to be finished in square or rectangular shapes to be cost effective. Using laser, router and flatbed cutting technology we can supply your graphics in pretty much any shape and form. Our flatbed printer prints your image directly to the substrate which is cut to shape.

There are heaps of uses for cut to shape graphics. Life-size cut-outs are really popular for celebrity endorsements. We can print onto corflute which is ideal for budget and short term promotions. If a long term promotion is required then materials like foam PVC and foam board are ideal. For general display panels, cut to shape designs can provide a variance to the standard straight edge ones we are so used to seeing. Holes can be added should you want to hang them from the ceiling. There is heaps you can do.

You can also create effects and theme a display or office area, like landmarks around the world or styles from different cultures. Start with flat card or other material and turn them into freestanding 3D works of art.

Foam board


Xanita recycled card


Xanita Recycled card




Foam PVC