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Posted by Scott on 25 February 2011

                       This latest aftershock has really taken it's toll on our city. All Adgraphix staff are safe and well. Our thoughts are with our customers, suppliers and their families and our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones. We have been fortunate again here at our premises in Sydenham. We are working with a skeleton staff and all our printers are operational. We had more of a mess to clean up this time and the factory was subjected to liquifaction inside the building which unfortunately ruined a large amount of stock. We will continue to operate on an as we can basis. For all enquiries please call our landline on 365 6770 as not all staff are back on board.

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Wrap That Fence

Posted by Scott on 10 February 2011

Dye Sublimated Fabric Fence WrapYou've probably heard of vehicle wraps, but they're not the only sort of wrapping we do. Fence wrap is most suited for shows, events and festivals. The fences are required for crowd control or partitioning areas, providing the perfect advertising space waiting to be used. We produce fence wrap on a polyester 115gsm fabric. It's lightweight, giving it the seal of approval for easy transport and installation. We image onto it using the dye sublimation process up to 1850mm wide. This gives you super vibrant colours and a product that can be machine washed up to 60C and tumble dried to keep it in good order. The fabric has regular small holes (see pic below) which allow air to flow through, leaving your fence standing! It's lightweight, convenient and re-usable. Fence wrap is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The bottom fence wrap example is reinforced pvc mesh banner. This also has holes, is a heavy, and a more rugged surface.

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Christchurch International Airport

Posted by Scott on 6 February 2011

                   Here's some photos and a great video that includes some of the work we recently completed at the Christchurch International Airport. These spaces look fantastic and the images create a great ambience. It pretty much speaks for itself.

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