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The Roll-up Portables

Posted by Scott on 12 December 2012

Portable Roll-up systems are for more than just travel applications. These display signage systems are very versatile. Often they are used as an easy solution to get a decent sized banner to fit in a space with the least amount of hassle. The good news is we have a range of choices that are sure to suit every budget. We have put together these stands which we think are well built and aesthetically pleasing. Roll-up stands have the banner loaded under tension so it restracts into the base to protect it and for ease of transportation.

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Visiting Reefton

Posted by Scott on 7 December 2012

This is a cool project we completed recently. Next time you're headed to, or through Reefton, shoot into the visitor centre and learn a bit about this part of the country. Jeff and Jono travelled over for a few days to put this display work together. Check out the pictures below.

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