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Jono 'The Irish' Gallacher

Posted by Scott on 24 September 2014

IMG FFC Jono1Representing Adgraphix in the blue corner -  Jono 'The Irish' Gallacher. Jono our sign manager will be boxing in the Fight For Christchurch charity event. He is flat out getting into shape and working on his technique. He's never boxed before so we don't know what he's gonna bring to the ring, but we reckon it'll be everything including the kitchen sink... he's a battler. Jono is representing his charity Cure Kids, and he wants your help.

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What's Maximum Impact?

Posted by Scott on 16 September 2014

IMG MI VicTitleIt was time for a refresh! We've had some help from our friends at Imagic to create a new way of projecting who we are and what we do. This new branding really captures us to a T. We wanted to pretty much say we take your brand and blow people away with it. By coming to Adgraphix you will get every ounce of firepower possible to really hit your customers square between the eyes. On top of that, we're a bunch of good sorts who like a laugh and a bit of fun, you know, the personable types! Long term creative partnerships and all that stuff. We also wanted to show we like the technical bits, the innovative stuff and pretty much do everything we do, but better than everyone else. It's all about you, and maximising what you get.

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Loving the latex!

Posted by Scott on 3 September 2014

IMG Latex360aThere have been a few exciting changes happening over the last couple of months. In our drive to provide better quality and more sustainable printing, we’ve added two brand new shiney printers, HP Latex 360’s to be precise. They're pretty cool… HP latex technology provides all the durability qualities of solvent inks (the mainstay ink for tough durable prints), but without all the environmental nasties the solvent inks provide as a trade off for toughness. Better still, the latex system is odourless and far more reliable than the solvent systems we have owned in the past. The printers are more consistent with quality output and less prone to nozzle blockage issues we suffered in the past with our solvent printers.

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