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WBF 2015

Posted by Scott on 20 February 2015

IMG Buskers15 1Another festival has been and gone. Again we are proud to have been a partner to the World Buskers Festival here in Christchurch. It's an event we've been associated with for quite a few years and each time were tasked with producing really cool graphics. Below are some snaps of some of the work that we produced for this years fantastic event.


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We're On Silver

Posted by Scott on 19 February 2015

IMG envsilver1I am proud to announce our Enviro-mark Silver Certification. Pamela our Enviro-mark and health and safety champion has been working hard getting everything in order and progressing. It can be both rewarding and challenging as we move through each phase of development. When you start digging into many of your own practices with an open minded approach, it's amazing the changes that can be made, and the positive outcomes that come with them. Often you find some things are done the way they are cause that's the way we always did them. Not cause it's better.

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