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Posted by Scott on 7 April 2011 | Comments

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Mutoh fabric printer        Out with the old and in with the new. We have retired our fleet (x2) of sublimation printers and replaced them with this brilliant machine. It's the latest release from Mutoh for soft signage printing. It has some great features that increase our diversity and quality. The first is wave technology. The machine has an unique way of laying down the ink to elimainate banding - stripes which appear on images due to media feed or ink bleeding problems. It does this by laying down the ink in a wave pattern. Another feature really like is that it's built for production runs and high quality printing. If you need hundreds of metres in a hurry, then no problem - we can deliver. Another feature really like is the ability to print directly to fabric. It's loaded with a dual ink to give us the best of both worlds. Why do we need dual ink?

Sublimation is a process. After printing either directly on the fabric or in reverse on a special paper the sub ink dries. The printed fabric, or paper and fabric, are fed through our heatpress (it has a series of rollers and a hot roller 200C) where the sublimation process takes place. The dried ink under heat turns into a gas. This gas effectively dyes the fabric with permanent colour. Here are some of the features the two methods provide...

Show-thru - Printing directly to fabric, then sublimating the print gives amazing show-thru to the other side of the fabric. Utilising the Mutohs ink collection trough, we can print directly to fabric and achieve brilliant colour on both sides from a single print.

High Quality - For detailed work, printing to paper first, then sublimating from the paper to the fabric yields much sharper detail.

Double sided - Printing on paper also allows us to produce right reading text on both sides of the fabric in brilliant colour.

Mutoh fabric printer