New HP L25500 for Christchurch

Posted by Scott on 29 January 2010 | Comments

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We are proud to announce the newest addition to our family of printers, and the first Latex printer technology for Christchurch. This 60" L2550 is the latest offering from HP in their latex line-up. This printer is the fourth HP printer in our stable. It's a testament to our commitment to Quality, Reliability and Consistency.

There are a number of features that make this a small, but powerful machine. The longevity and durability of prints is comparable to eco solvent printers. It produces a very nice, up to 1200dpi for high resolution display work. It has a unique latex ink that is ready to use as soon the print has finished. This is just impossible with solvent systems which require overnight out-gassing before lamination can be done (not that we are trying to encourage tighter deadlines!). To top it all off the printer is setting new standards for environmental friendliness. The ink contains no VOC's and is waterbased. The printer itself complies with energy star program. HP run a recycling program for the waste ink cartridge and heads.

We are flat out building colour profiles for this machine in-house so you can enjoy the consistency and reliability that we have built our reputation on. We'll be getting samples underway for our showroom and sales team so we can show you the future of large format digital printing. 

We'll be using it for a large variety of application including Displays, Signs, Banners, Vehicle Graphics, Illuminated Graphics, Presentations and Point of Sale.