New Pavement Graphic System

Posted by Scott on 21 April 2010 | Comments

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                      Let's take a look at a new non PVC pavement graphic system from Avery. This film called Street Graphics is a completely new take on pavement graphics. The above photo is of an A4 sized sample that has been down for just over a month outside our factory roller door. Our forklift and van have given it a hiding but it's still holding up very well. It is designed to break up and conform to the surface reducing slip hazard. When you have finished with it you simply waterblast it away.


In Avery's words... Patent-pending, micro-fracture technology enables the film to conform to irregular surfaces by fracturing and conforming. It limits water pooling & allows moisture through to further reduce slip hazard in wet conditions. The matt low glare finish gives a painted appearance: no need for overlaminate. Outstanding outdoor colour durability : Up to 6 months for pedestrian traffic and 3 months for vehicle traffic. Excellent adhesion to rough surfaces: asphalt, concrete, titles, pavers and many more.

It is ideal for applications such as wayfinding and advertising for promotional events, tradeshows, sporting events and festivals. Use it on rough surfaces like car parks, entranceways, driveways and walkways.