Posted by Scott on 25 February 2011 | Comments

                       This latest aftershock has really taken it's toll on our city. All Adgraphix staff are safe and well. Our thoughts are with our customers, suppliers and their families and our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones. We have been fortunate again here at our premises in Sydenham. We are working with a skeleton staff and all our printers are operational. We had more of a mess to clean up this time and the factory was subjected to liquifaction inside the building which unfortunately ruined a large amount of stock. We will continue to operate on an as we can basis. For all enquiries please call our landline on 365 6770 as not all staff are back on board.

For all those in Christchurch... take care.

The horrible moment when the quake hit shows on this print as the machine was running.