Posters Posters Posters

Posted by Scott on 18 October 2011 | Comments


If you need posters then we've got what you're after. Great quality, great turn-around and even better.... a great price. These posters come from a roll of paper so you don't need to limit yourself to just standard paper sizes. We can do all those and any size you want so long as it fits in the width of 1.35 metres. These posters are printed onto 200gsm paper stock and are suited for indoor use (for outdoors we have synthetic paper) and we can do pretty big runs cost effectively.

No need to think small, A0 is a breeze and as I mentioned we can go even bigger, cost effectively. The colour packs punch and is guaranteed to be seen. Printed with the latest large format digital technology the quality is as sharp as a tack. So don't forget... if you want ten, twenty or a hundred posters, you won't want to miss this fantastic cost effective printing.