Printing With Glass

Posted by Scott on 25 March 2010 | Comments

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                             If you've ever wondered how well direct printing works on glass, then this is your answer. We have a special process that we use for glass printing that is pretty damn good. One of the issues with printing on glass has been mild adhesion. We have overcome this problem and offer a product which has a higher level of adhesion. See the scratch resistance test photo below. Using a coin and medium pressure there is no noticeable effect on the print. Even under heavy pressure it puts up a very good fight.

Our flatbed printer uses white ink and we use this when printing onto glass. This sample has an underlayer of white to give the image brightness and opacity. Prints can also be printed for viewing through the glass from the other side. Your image is simply printed in reverse and a layer of white is printed over the back. If white ink is not used then it will only have a weak finish and appear similar to a dull stained glass window.

Come and see a sample in our showroom.