Showroom Makeover

Posted by Scott on 13 January 2010 | Comments

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We're giving our showroom a new lease of life. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration for your next project, make sure you head down and have a good look through these product samples. We originally created the showroom three years ago with the help of Hugo at Thinkshop. We've given all the images a make-over and are adding new print samples regularly. There have been a lot of positive comments and many customers are blown away by the variety of options... they often get ideas which they incorporate into their projects.

We have made a big effort to get good samples of white ink on various substrates to demonstrate why this printing technique is getting attention. As one of the first companies to install flatbed printer in New Zealand, it's probably fair to say that we should have some pretty cool stuff to show for it. We've put together some of the different methods we have used over the last 5 years to demonstrate to you what's being used and how it is used. If it's not in the showroom there is a good chance we will have something out back.

If you are looking for display stands, we have allocated a large area where we have our entire range on display for easy viewing. Unsure about resolutions and file sizes? We have examples to demonstrate this. What quality does each machine produce? What do different laminates look like? What does carpet graphic stick like? What do different illuminated print techniques look like? You'll find out here.

Are you working on a new project? Shoot down and have a look around... you might find the solution you have been looking for.