Sign That Igloo

Posted by Scott on 16 September 2011 | Comments

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We took on the challenge to put large graphics onto this flexible dome and it couldn't have worked out better. The installation God's were looking over us as we had some fantastic Christchurch weather during the install. The self adhesive graphics (big stickers) were sectioned off into a jigsaw type arrangement as the tallest figure was 5m high and far too big to manage in one piece from a cherry-picker. As it turned out we're not too bad at jigsaws cause all the arms heads and legs ended up in the right spot! Dressing up Hagley Park incorporated a range of signage including, banners, flags sign panels and mesh speaker covers. This project came together brilliantly and wer'e pretty stoked with the end result.

We've got a great range of printing equipment perfect for event signage and livery. We do everything, whether it's directional signage panels, massive banners or stage backdrops. We have New Zealand's widest printing right here in Christchurch so size is never a problem. See photos below.


Sponsor logo's added



At full reach adding the roof graphics


Combination of banners and fabric flag


Mesh speaker tower covers


Mesh banner