Stretch'n The Canvas

Posted by Scott on 26 May 2010 | Comments


Artists Canvas                             If your'e looking for a stretched canvas, you might be pleased to know you have a couple of options. It's well known that artists canvas can be printed and then stretched onto a frame. What is less commonly known is the fact you can shoot down to your local stationery store, purchase a pre-stretched canvas, bring it to Adgraphix and we can print your image directly to it. There are benefits to each process and it's not a case of one type fits all. See the images below for expanations of the two techniques


Artists Canvas

This image has been printed directly to a pre-stretched canvas. This technique can be used on canvases that have a maximum height of 50mm. The flatter / straighter the framework the better the results. The finished image has good contrast and saturated colours. Due to the sheen on the ink, the canvas can pick up and reflect light reducing it's impact on some angles (see top image). The edges of the canvas cannot be imaged, although they can be hand painted if needed. The biggest benefit of this style of stretched canvas is that the finished product is so cost effective.


Artists Canvas

This image has been printed onto a matt artists canvas and then hand stretched onto a handmade frame. The frame is more rigid and higher quality than the cheap pre-strected frames that you can purchase from stationery stores. The matt finish on the canvas reduces contrast and saturation, but this is compensated for by it's clean viewing from all angles. It does not reflect light. A key benefit for hand stretched frames is the image can be wrapped around the sides. This example has a simple black border but it could easily be a continuation of the image if needed. Handstretched frames can be made to any custom sizes.

If you are after a framed canvas for exterior display, we've got that covered too. Our outdoor durable timbers and exterior print media produce a quality product perfect for outdoor use.