Sublimation To The Nation

Posted by Scott on 28 September 2010 | Comments

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                         We are proud to announce our latest addition. Hopefully you are aware of the dye sublimation process, if not jump here and have a quick read about it. Our new heat press (pictured above) is bigger than our previous model so we've moved up from 1350mm to a maximum of 1800mm wide. This is perfect for fence wrap and other larger sized applications. We've been a bit guilty of not pushing hard in the dye sub line of goods. That's all changing now, and we have more products available than ever before. You'll be hearing about soft signage more and more. It's the buzz word for signs, displays and graphics world-wide. Dye sub is leading the charge in soft signage because of the way the ink is fused into the material. The graphic is way more durable than other digital processes. That said, there are still soft signage applications where it is more beneficial using solvent technology such as super-wide fabric prints. The soft signage sector represents graphics etc produced as fabrics and textiles rather than rigid materials, papers and self adhesives. Flags have been the most common use, but we are now producing display stands, banners, graphic panels, posters and furnishings for advertising and interior fit-outs with fabrics.


Dye sub soft signage is very versatile. It is lightweight and can be folded for easy transport and shipping. If you get the fabric dirty, simply put it in the washing machine and hang it up to dry. You simply can't do that with other digital printing. Fabrics are also good with light. they tend not to get lighting flare like glossy rigid panels. Colours are very vibrant when dye sublimated.

Read more about our dye sublimation here>>


Polyknit fabric


Polyknit flag


Fence wrap fabric


Polyknit flag with show-thru


Double sided fabric - different image on each side