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The Inner Binding

Posted by Scott on 25 July 2012

Here are a few shots of this job we recently completed on the Central Library Peterborough window. It's by renowned New Zealand artist Richard Killeen, and is part of the Christchurch Art Gallery Outer Spaces programme. We printed the image on translucent vinyl so it will be enhanced by the light from within the library.

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The Ultimate Lightbox

Posted by Scott on 24 July 2012

There are three common ways that backlit images are produced. Your expectation from your lightbox determines which method is best. We have the equipment and knowledge to produce all types of illuminated displays. Too many times I see illuminated signs that have been printed in a fashion not suitable for illumination, being the least ideal method. See the samples below that highlight the pro's and con's of each method.


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Perfect Backlits

Posted by Scott on 31 January 2012

We now offer the absolute best in illuminated printing. Often backlits are let down by dull colours, washy blacks and shadows or colour casts (when an image looks slightly yellow or green etc) which ruin a great image. Up until now we've used in-house developed techniques to get great backlits with densities that don't wash out when the lights are on, but this was never completely reliable. We had a new addition late last year in the form of a spectrophotometer. The great thing about this new model is that it does transmissive readings.

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