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CMYK - No Such Colour

Posted by Scott on 23 May 2012

We are so far into the digital age yet there is still a bit of confusion about CMYK (and RGB) colour models. I'll do an overview of the CMYK colour model and the affect on digital print it has. The biggest misconception is that a colour specified as CMYK percentages alone represents an actual colour. It would be wrong to accuse a digital printer for producing incorrect colour if the only thing you provided was a combination of CMYK percentages such as those seen in corporate identity manuals. Read on to find out why...

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Perfect Backlits

Posted by Scott on 31 January 2012

We now offer the absolute best in illuminated printing. Often backlits are let down by dull colours, washy blacks and shadows or colour casts (when an image looks slightly yellow or green etc) which ruin a great image. Up until now we've used in-house developed techniques to get great backlits with densities that don't wash out when the lights are on, but this was never completely reliable. We had a new addition late last year in the form of a spectrophotometer. The great thing about this new model is that it does transmissive readings.

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True Colours

Posted by Scott on 7 October 2010

                           In previous articles, I covered how we control colour with software and hardware using design programs and the printers. There is another important piece of hardware too. It's a colour matching booth. Not a weird device that you climb inside and lock the door, but rather a station that has special fluorescent tubes that illuminate vertically mounted prints and proofs from above. The big problem to overcome with manual hardcopy matching of colour is the lighting conditions. There are so many different conditions, fluoresecent warm to cool tubes, halogen, daylight sunny and cloudy, incadescent blubs and now led lighting which all emit different colour. There is no easy solution but a good start is an industry standard, which just happens to be D50 or more commonly known as daylight.

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Turbocharged prepress

Posted by Scott on 19 August 2010

                    We've given our prepress department a turbocharge. Prepress is a key step in the process to make sure your stuff looks good. It's pretty much a translation centre. Your files are handled in prepress where they are dissected, turned inside out, then delivered to the printing machines ready for perfect output. It's really critical that we've got good hardware and software to handle the latest file developments and do it with speed (files are getting bigger and more complex by the day). This update has included new PC's with more hard drives, processors and ram than you can poke a stick at for crunching the numbers at lightning speed, teamed up with new software from Onyx. We've given our Mac's a spruce up and they are loaded with Adobe's latest suite CS5 to be fully compatible with your requirements.

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Burning The Toast

Posted by Scott on 18 March 2010

                        This article may cause nausea and headaches to those allergic to colour management! It is a process that happens behind the scenes. You might not realise how important it is and why we take it so seriously. 10 years ago I read an article which is a great way to describe why colour management so important. It's all about making toast!


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