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Braemac Stand

Posted by Michelle on 12 August 2015

IMG Braemac 1When Braemac approached us for a bit of help with an upcoming tradeshow we were more than happy to help them show off there wares. Using our wealth of knowledge we put them on the right path to make sure that they had presence and attention. Check out what we did.

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The Floorstones

Posted by Scott on 19 March 2015

IMG Floorstones2This is a great example of a bit of imagination and the benefits of using the floor as well as the walls. Too often the floor is overlooked and there is zero use of this real estate in a graphical sense. The river stones here really capture the district and enhances this space greatly.

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Value Fabric Wall - Easy!

Posted by Scott on 30 January 2015

IMG Fabricwall1Are you looking for a easy to transport display with a large amount of graphic real estate? Our Value Fabric Wall is a simple and effective large display unit. It is made up of sections that bolt together to provide a wide display that measures a massive 2.55 metres wide by 2.35 metres high.

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Big Things

Posted by Scott on 4 August 2013

This Lincoln University display was about all things 'BIG'. From the super-sized chair to lifesize cut-outs holding big props, they all seem to dwarf the iPad plinths. Getting these structures to free stand required some creative thinking. We like a challenge and happily accepted the request.

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Outstanding, that is!

Posted by Scott on 3 August 2013

We are stoked to announce our work being awarded 'Outstanding Exhibitor Display' at the recent The Star Home Show. This was one of our first projects since absorbing Display Solutions' product range into our already diverse lot. The project was a full design manufacture and install job with the initial concepts pictured here in full 3D render. Trade show displays have to meet targets set by the customer (foot traffic is a good start, or capturing contact details), so the design is structured to cater to those needs. See image at bottom for finished display.

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The Roll-up Portables

Posted by Scott on 12 December 2012

Portable Roll-up systems are for more than just travel applications. These display signage systems are very versatile. Often they are used as an easy solution to get a decent sized banner to fit in a space with the least amount of hassle. The good news is we have a range of choices that are sure to suit every budget. We have put together these stands which we think are well built and aesthetically pleasing. Roll-up stands have the banner loaded under tension so it restracts into the base to protect it and for ease of transportation.

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Against The Clock

Posted by Scott on 16 June 2011

We hit the ground running with this one. The pressure was on to get this project completed on time. We had 3 days to turn it around. The job involved a lot of self adhesive vinyl, laminating, mounting, posters and some pretty big, double sided 3m x 3m banners and a couple of 15m x 2m. The team pulled together and we came through with the goods. A small hiccup saw a panel missed, but that was fixed by an early Saturday morning phone call and an emergency print completed and installed before opening time.

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Exposition Zing

Posted by Scott on 5 October 2010

                      Here are images from a project we produced for Strategy Design and Advertising. CPIT were an exhibitor at the Careers Expo 2010. These eye-catching murals are a part of the job that we produced. They pretty much speak for themselves.


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