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Pre-flight Yoga Anyone?

Posted by Michelle on 10 August 2018

We like to think were a pretty chilled out lot, and capable of performing well under pressure. Some might say we've got an inner printing, signage and display peace??? Okay we'll make the link to Yoga and meditation here. Our good friends at Christchurch International Airport had a wee project to turn a corner of the international departure lounge into a stretch and relax flight preparation zone. With legs crossed and our thinking hats on we came up with solutions to see the concept come to life. Absolute beginners to seasoned professionals will feel right at home in this fantastic space for yoga, pilates or meditation.

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Totally Floored

Posted by Michelle on 10 February 2016

IMG OM Nurses 0You will be floored by this project! Don't let your eyes deceive you, it's not real timber you can see but brilliant use of floor graphics to enhance this exhibition space. When we were asked to produce a look alike product suitable for a museum space we knew we had it covered... Literally! Check out what we did and how it looks.


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The Floorstones

Posted by Scott on 19 March 2015

IMG Floorstones2This is a great example of a bit of imagination and the benefits of using the floor as well as the walls. Too often the floor is overlooked and there is zero use of this real estate in a graphical sense. The river stones here really capture the district and enhances this space greatly.

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On The Mat

Posted by Scott on 30 October 2012

We now stock a range of bar/counter and floor mats. They come in a range of sizes which include choices of bordered or borderless designs. They are made from nitrile rubber with a knitted polyester surface (non-pilling). We sublimate high quality images of your choice. The finished prints are highly durable, designed for wet areas and can be washed without damaging the graphic.

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der Rainbow Magic

Posted by Scott on 30 May 2012

New Zealand artist Judy Millar has been exhibiting more of her oversized works. Her latest exhibition is titled The Rainbow Loop. We worked with Judy and Bruce Edgar, where we did the printing portion of her work. This exhibition is still currently running at Museum gegenstandsfreier Kunst in Otterndorf, Germany, finishing on the 26th of June 2012. Unlike previous work where we printed digital versions of Judy's hand painted work, this time round it's a true interaction of paint and ink. We get a real buzz doing this type of work which gives us a change of scenery from advertising and commercial imaging. Here are some official words about this exhibition...

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New Pavement Graphic System

Posted by Scott on 21 April 2010

                      Let's take a look at a new non PVC pavement graphic system from Avery. This film called Street Graphics is a completely new take on pavement graphics. The above photo is of an A4 sized sample that has been down for just over a month outside our factory roller door. Our forklift and van have given it a hiding but it's still holding up very well. It is designed to break up and conform to the surface reducing slip hazard. When you have finished with it you simply waterblast it away.

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