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Yes, A Real Print Guarantee!

Posted by Scott on 12 May 2010

                          It's no secret that Adgraphix has probably the most consistent quality and service in the country. We set our standards very high and as a customer you are always the winner. While other companies may not take the importance of quality so seriously, we like to set the benchmark for others to follow. Our guarantee is peace of mind for you that everything is under control and will look just dandy. We are not here to pass on lame excuses if you are not satisfied with your job. We are here to make sure when your job is finished that you are nothing short of stoked. In the seldom event we have made an error, we wont muck you around, we'll get cracking in and put it right quick fast. We are so confident in our ability at what we do, that we can offer this guarantee which we introduced in 2007. We are specialists at large format digital printing and have a wealth of knowledge that we utilise from the moment your job is entered in the system. We don't take short cuts with inferior products. We produce quality products that are fit for their application and they will be what they are supposed to be... maybe even better!


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