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Hanging Rigid Panels

Posted by Scott on 15 August 2010

Mounting Hardware                    There are a lot of ways you can attach a rigid print to a wall. Deciding which one is best is part asthetics and part practicality. These examples are pics from samples we have on display in our showroom. They cover the most common type of fixings that we supply. They are reverse printed and the top left corner has been made clear to demonstrate what the fixing looks like from both sides of the panel, more importantly for the ones which are invisible from the front. You can mount temporarily or permanently, flush with the wall or at selectable spacing from the wall and fixings visible or hidden from the front.

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Showroom Makeover

Posted by Scott on 13 January 2010

We're giving our showroom a new lease of life. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration for your next project, make sure you head down and have a good look through these product samples. We originally created the showroom three years ago with the help of Hugo at Thinkshop. We've given all the images a make-over and are adding new print samples regularly. There have been a lot of positive comments and many customers are blown away by the variety of options... they often get ideas which they incorporate into their projects.

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