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Impressive 360

Posted by Scott on 21 November 2011

Our latest piece of kit has arrived. This is an Oce Arizona 360 GT mid-range flatbed printer, just recently released. It is a great addition and fills the need we had for very high detail direct to substrate printer. The resolution and sharpness of the images that come of this printer is truly fantastic. The 360 also has a white printing system where the white is printed in-line as opposed to our old system which printed white as a separate print to the colour content. What that means is we can print white 'as needed' and printing is faster. We'll get busy building profiles to make sure the colour output is on the mark and images have excellent contrast and shadow detail.

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Glorious White Ink

Posted by Scott on 13 July 2010

                     Have you thought about how you could benefit from white ink? Digital has changed the way we think about print. Short runs are so common now because digital has made them affordable. But digital has always had its limitation, you couldn't print white. This has meant all materials printed have to start off as white to get vivid colours. This is not the case now, white ink has changed everything. We've been successfully printing white ink for over 2 years now, so we know its value.

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Printing With Glass

Posted by Scott on 25 March 2010

                             If you've ever wondered how well direct printing works on glass, then this is your answer. We have a special process that we use for glass printing that is pretty damn good. One of the issues with printing on glass has been mild adhesion. We have overcome this problem and offer a product which has a higher level of adhesion. See the scratch resistance test photo below. Using a coin and medium pressure there is no noticeable effect on the print. Even under heavy pressure it puts up a very good fight.

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