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Understand - Adapt - Thrive

Posted by Jo on 10 February 2017

Understand - Adapt - ThriveWe love doing event signage. Quite often we get requests that require us to think outside the square, or use our years of experience to make an idea work. Sometimes a simple sign may in fact be more than it appears, considerations have to be made for the impact it will have on the structure once it's been removed. Our wealth of product experience makes things so easy. Here's an event we recently worked on at Horncastle Arena.

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Master Glass

Posted by Scott on 15 March 2013

There is more to window and glass decoration than just etching. Nowadays etching is rarely done with sandblasting, but achieved through the use of self adhesive films. There is a huge range of window films that imitate sandblasting, commonly used with logo elements, striping and patterns to provide safety and privacy. Digital printing and profile cutting has opened a world of opportunities for some pretty cool window effects. In the samples below I demonstrate some ways that windows and glass have been decorated by our customers.

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