The Roll-up Portables

Posted by Scott on 12 December 2012 | Comments

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Portable Roll-up systems are for more than just travel applications. These display signage systems are very versatile. Often they are used as an easy solution to get a decent sized banner to fit in a space with the least amount of hassle. The good news is we have a range of choices that are sure to suit every budget. We have put together these stands which we think are well built and aesthetically pleasing. Roll-up stands have the banner loaded under tension so it restracts into the base to protect it and for ease of transportation.



Starting with our value model, it's designed for applications that do not demand repeated packing and unpacking, generally not moving very much at all. It has a light weight construction and is designed for light handling. The banner can be changed, but requires the unit to be returned to us for professional fitting.

Next up is our Classic model. This one is a step up from the Value, but still with a similar design. It is ideal for repeated use and has a sturdy construction. It can handle more knocks and bumps than the Value Roll-up.  The banner can be changed, but requires the unit to be returned to us for a professional fitting.

The best of these models is our Premium Roll-up. It's got a high end finish with elegant chrome caps on the ends. It has an advanced loading mehanism which allows multiple pre-loaded banner cartridges to be easily changed out by the user without the need to return it to us for professional fitting.


Next is the Roll-down. Just to be different the banner is loaded at the top. From there it is pulled down to the base feet where it is fastened. It's ideal as a partition and can be daisy-chained to cover a large area, such as an office space. Lay them out in a row, or angle them to suit. They are super simple to transport and errect.

Last up is the Outdoor Roll-up. It's a durable plastic moulded base which can be filled with water to keep it steady. There is the option to use it as a single or double sided display. The poles are mounted on springs which allow a bit of give in light winds. The banners are printed on strong PVC banner. The base has a carry handle and wheels so you can trundle it to the perfect spot.


Value Roll-up. Ideal for light use applications or permanent placememt.

Classic Roll-up. Sturdy display stand for regular use and travel.

Premium Roll-up. Elegant display stand with user changeable banner cartridges.

Roll-down display stand. Ideal for trade shows or as a partition. Can be daisy-chained in a row.

Outdoor Roll-up. Sturdy base which can be filled with water. Single or double sided option.


For more information on these stands visit our Portable display stand page here>>