Turbocharged prepress

Posted by Scott on 19 August 2010 | Comments

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                    We've given our prepress department a turbocharge. Prepress is a key step in the process to make sure your stuff looks good. It's pretty much a translation centre. Your files are handled in prepress where they are dissected, turned inside out, then delivered to the printing machines ready for perfect output. It's really critical that we've got good hardware and software to handle the latest file developments and do it with speed (files are getting bigger and more complex by the day). This update has included new PC's with more hard drives, processors and ram than you can poke a stick at for crunching the numbers at lightning speed, teamed up with new software from Onyx. We've given our Mac's a spruce up and they are loaded with Adobe's latest suite CS5 to be fully compatible with your requirements.

Onyx Graphics recently released their latest ProductionHouse software X10. This is a cutting edge graphic and image processing software that does the hard yards calculating files. It is where we create and manage all of our colour control tools and it's also where files are processed and converted to formats that the printers understand. Behind the scenes there is a lot of technical magic that goes on to bring you stunning quality, reliability and consistency from Adgraphix.