Visual Merchandising

Posted by Scott on 6 July 2011 | Comments

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Here's a look at what can be done with digital print and digital cutting for retail environments. These pics are from the Glassons Queenstown store. There's a range of media used here with the bulk of the props printed and cut out of recycled heavy card. To create eye-catching displays such as these, you need very clever creative people to concept the ideas and generate the graphics, from then on it's down to technical details that we take care of at prepress. Our high-end software rotates, shifts and squeezes as many props as it can on a sheet of material to get maximum bang for your buck. Not like the old days when every shape was treated as a box. It also makes sure that your images bleed outside the keyline, even if you've got no bleed to spare (very clever indeed!). But wait there's more... It's all world class stuff and it can be done pretty quickly too. We understand the demands of retail and we're geared up to provide a high level of service. Give us a call and see what your next project can be.