We Are Adobe CS4 Friendly

Posted by Scott on 14 January 2010 | Comments

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img-2-CS4.jpgOur prepress department is up to date with Adobe CS4. We still prefer you to send your files to us in their native format. Keep in mind that although Pdf's are very versatile, we can give you way better and more predictable results by working with your native files.


Graphic design applications are getting more complicated by the release. We can do so many cool effects in design applications such as Indesign and Illustrator, using transparencies and filters that were only achievable in Photoshop not so many years ago. This has thrown pressure on Prepress departments to make sure the file doesn't turn into a ball of custard and explode all over the walls. The reason we ask for native (design application) files is so we have your files working footprint. By using this live version we have the ability to do crucial adjustments to keep the file intact when it goes to print. If we were supplied a semi-flattened transparent layer in a pdf then half of our options and possibly information are lost before we begin.


This example is specific to complicated files with transparency layers and filters such as soft drop shadows. If you supply these files in pdf, we can get the most out of them, it just might not be as much as what we could have if we worked with the live files. We do and will continue to accept pdf's. They are as common as books in a library and they wont be going away. If you only have the option of supplying a pdf then go for it. If you can supply live files, then you're in the box seat for high quality production.