What's Maximum Impact?

Posted by Scott on 16 September 2014 | Comments

IMG MI VicTitleIt was time for a refresh! We've had some help from our friends at Imagic to create a new way of projecting who we are and what we do. This new branding really captures us to a T. We wanted to pretty much say we take your brand and blow people away with it. By coming to Adgraphix you will get every ounce of firepower possible to really hit your customers square between the eyes. On top of that, we're a bunch of good sorts who like a laugh and a bit of fun, you know, the personable types! Long term creative partnerships and all that stuff. We also wanted to show we like the technical bits, the innovative stuff and pretty much do everything we do, but better than everyone else. It's all about you, and maximising what you get.

The idea was pretty much, grab a sample of our staff, throw them in a photo studio and we will get some shots of them to wrap around this concept of Maximum Impact. Blown Away, In Your Face, Maximum Impact to be precise! Yes, we've enjoyed the refresh, but the highlight is easily the photoshoot to visually communicate what Maximum Impact means. Volunteers were recruited, names went in a hat and there they were, 5 dedicated people ready to get blown away literally.





The photos are of Jamie, Matt, Pia and Victoria. There's also Sean who made the photoshoot but not the final cut. They were blasted with a leaf blower and then treated to a bit of Photoshop action.

Check out this video of the photo shoot or visit our YouTube Channel


IMG MI Final

 We are slowly rolling out the new brand like a panel beater repairing his own car... but hey, your jobs are aways more important than ours so it's a good thing aye? Keep your eyes peeled for the new look out and about as we get our vehicles completed.