About Us


We believe that we are the best at what we do and it's our expertise that will make your artwork pop and your ideas really stick. We have three distinct product lines; signage, large format digital printing, and displays and trade show collateral. Everything we create carries plenty of punch.

We aim to please and our sights are well-calibrated. 

We merge digital print and sign making expertise in our modern facility using cutting edge software and machinery, as well as traditional techniques.

We want to inspire you. To take your brand and hit people right between the eyes with it. To get every last ounce of firepower out of your dollar. That’s what maximum impact means.


When you engage us, you come first.

Our clients are always telling us how we are like an extension of their team. We are always looking for ways to get maximum impact out of your great ideas.

We even offer a total satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t think it’s right due to defects in the job, we’ll make it right and it won’t change the bill.

We don’t just take your ideas and make them real. We take your ideas and make them real big, bold and beautiful.

Our clients blow us away. Every day.

We work with the most creative minds in New Zealand, which means every job, every challenge, every day is different - and we love it! 

We’re always walking that fine line between art and marketing, between creativity and getting the most for your budget.

You can rest assured that we will bring your ideas to life using the very latest technology, operated by really switched on industry experts with plenty of smarts under the hood.


Our mission statement

At Adgraphix our passion for what we do, and the latest technology allows our clients to enjoy the most innovative and sustainable solutions available today.

Our down to earth team offers a uniquely relaxed environment where everyones input is valued.

We build strong customer relationships by operating with integrity and the aim of exceeding every expectation.

We are committed to being first choice!