der Rainbow Magic

Posted on May 30, 2012 at 12:00 AM


New Zealand artist Judy Millar has been exhibiting more of her oversized works. Her latest exhibition is titled The Rainbow Loop. We worked with Judy and Bruce Edgar, where we did the printing portion of her work. This exhibition is still currently running at Museum gegenstandsfreier Kunst in Otterndorf, Germany, finishing on the 26th of June 2012. Unlike previous work where we printed digital versions of Judy's hand painted work, this time round it's a true interaction of paint and ink. We get a real buzz doing this type of work which gives us a change of scenery from advertising and commercial imaging. Here are some official words about this exhibition...


In this exhibition Judy Millar presents a single work that encompasses a looping process of direct painting, digital reproduction, enlargement and exaggeration. As the resulting work, which confounds insides and outsides and beginnings and endings, twists and unrolls through the gallery space, it shifts our perception and invites us to enter a temporally distorted world. In doing so it asks us to consider how we reconcile our corporeal and mental existences, how we decide what is illusory and what is real and how we form a continuum out of a multitude of fragmentary perceptions.

Museum gegenstandsfreier Kunst

16 images of the opening

6 images of The Rainbow Loop


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