Glorious White Ink

Posted by Scott on 13 July 2010 | Comments

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                     Have you thought about how you could benefit from white ink? Digital has changed the way we think about print. Short runs are so common now because digital has made them affordable. But digital has always had its limitation, you couldn't print white. This has meant all materials printed have to start off as white to get vivid colours. This is not the case now, white ink has changed everything. We've been successfully printing white ink for over 2 years now, so we know its value.

With flatbed printing we can put a rigid material on our press and print directly to it. It might be corrugated iron, thick plywood, MDF, Plastics or glass. Why print a wood grain when you can print on real wood grain. Colour is not a problem, if your substrate is coloured, we put down a layer of white underneath first so you get a bright vivid colour. Clear materials can be printed on the reverse side protecting them from damage. Black and white images can be imaged on black material. There are endless options.

White ink is a really exciting medium. You have the opportunity to be very creative. If you've got a cool idea make sure you run it by us, we may just make it happen. That said, even standard applications like menus, direction panels, window decals and shop displays can be greatly enhanced by material choice and the use of white ink.

"white ink has changed everything"