Northlands 'Feels Good'

Posted by Scott on 19 July 2012

We recently completed this work for Christchurch creative agency Imagic. They were asked to help cover up areas of Northlands Mall which are undergoing a refit. The project involved internal and external brightly coloured images that are part of their 'feels good' brand.

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Job Vacancy

Posted by Scott on 12 June 2012

Calling all print operators! We are looking for a great person to fill a role as print operator (immediately if possible) here at Adgraphix.

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der Rainbow Magic

Posted by Scott on 30 May 2012

New Zealand artist Judy Millar has been exhibiting more of her oversized works. Her latest exhibition is titled The Rainbow Loop. We worked with Judy and Bruce Edgar, where we did the printing portion of her work. This exhibition is still currently running at Museum gegenstandsfreier Kunst in Otterndorf, Germany, finishing on the 26th of June 2012. Unlike previous work where we printed digital versions of Judy's hand painted work, this time round it's a true interaction of paint and ink. We get a real buzz doing this type of work which gives us a change of scenery from advertising and commercial imaging. Here are some official words about this exhibition...

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CMYK - No Such Colour

Posted by Scott on 23 May 2012

We are so far into the digital age yet there is still a bit of confusion about CMYK (and RGB) colour models. I'll do an overview of the CMYK colour model and the affect on digital print it has. The biggest misconception is that a colour specified as CMYK percentages alone represents an actual colour. It would be wrong to accuse a digital printer for producing incorrect colour if the only thing you provided was a combination of CMYK percentages such as those seen in corporate identity manuals. Read on to find out why...

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A Bit of Silver and Bronze

Posted by Scott on 9 May 2012

I am stoked to anounce that we have won three awards at the 2012 New Zealand Sign And Display Awards held in Wellington. The awards attract the very best work from sign and display companies across the country. It's been quite a few years since we last entered these awards so we are very proud to come away with this result. Last February when we were doing the finishing touches on our new signs and installation premises Christchurch turned into chaos. The earthquake certainly put a spanner in the works for us getting things underway smoothly. Just over a year on, our signs team has grown and are as busy as ever. We get a lot of positive comments about our building signage and flags so it was great to pick up silver. Below are our entries that were successful at this years awards.


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Whatever Spins Your Wheels

Posted by Scott on 28 March 2012

We've been getting through a few vehicles lately. These pics are examples of different businesses using their cars, vans and trucks to get brand awareness up. There is a lot of real estate on a vehicle to get a message across. You can go as simple as having just your name, either simply placed or screaming out for attention. Throw some details on, show what you do, the choice is yours. We can talk you through what works and what doesn't, providing mock-ups before work proceed. You might be surprised how cost effective this advertising is.


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El Tradicional!

Posted by Scott on 1 March 2012

We are at the cutting edge of sign and print technology but that doesn't stop us from keeping to our roots; there's still a place for the trusty brush.  All the digital technology has it's place, but there isn't an alternative to traditional brushed signage, particularly for exterior building signage. Size isn't a problem, actually most the work we do is large renderings of company logos. Have a look at the samples below which walk you through the process of getting logo element painted onto a concrete wall.


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Perfect Backlits

Posted by Scott on 31 January 2012

We now offer the absolute best in illuminated printing. Often backlits are let down by dull colours, washy blacks and shadows or colour casts (when an image looks slightly yellow or green etc) which ruin a great image. Up until now we've used in-house developed techniques to get great backlits with densities that don't wash out when the lights are on, but this was never completely reliable. We had a new addition late last year in the form of a spectrophotometer. The great thing about this new model is that it does transmissive readings.

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Bronzed All Over

Posted by Scott on 25 January 2012

Sounds like a team effort out in the sun during lunch breaks, but we've been bronzed in a different way. We have just been audited and certified bronze level as part of the Enviro-Mark™NZ programme. We've been a 'working towards' member of Enviro-Mark™NZ for far too long! It became a bit of a rocky ride due to events that hit us in the last two years, but we are completely back on track. We're on our way towards meeting the criteria for silver then ultimately gold certification, in our opinion of course (the next audit will tell). The Enviro-Mark™NZ programme is important to us, it's a way you can verify our dedication to a safer workplace and a reduced impact on the environment.


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Shiny and New(ish) Website

Posted by Scott on 17 January 2012

It's been in the works for quite a while and worth the wait. Everything has been shuffled about, heaps of new content has been added including better (and bigger) pictures and a good selection of brochures that include plenty of information about us and our products. Navigate with the left margin the same as the previous site. At the top is a group of product categories to make finding products easier. Below them some info about some of our printing and finishing processes. Last of all is the links to our YouTube vids (next on the list to update) and info about us, our technology and the environment. It's still constantly changing and being improved so keep an eye out if you have a project in mind. I'm sure it should cover everything you need to know, want to know and didn't know you didn't to know. Here's some screen shots from the new site... even better jump over here

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