Adgraphix turns twenty

Posted on February 27, 2019 at 2:04 PM

20 Years Title

2019 is our twentieth year. Actually, March to be precise but we can't pinpoint the day - it's all a blur. One thing for sure is in a lot of ways things now still have a lot of simularities to 1999. We started out with a printer that had just been released, and still today we have a printer that's just been released. We love innovating, and providing Christchurch and New Zealand with the very latest options available. It's cool to have been part of some really creative uses of the technology we invest in (22 printing machines for the 20 years to be precise).

Much of it is a blur but I still recall our first day of business though... the bloody printer would not work, but that's digital printing for you. It's challenging, very challenging and that's part of what makes us who we are - Adgraphix, and why at times it's really hard to meet the demands of our customers. End result though, we believe, is that we provide the most consistent, reliable product and service all while being the best quality. It's been like that since day dot and we have no plans on changing.

Now is a good time to thank all our loyal customers... it's been a buzz. We still have customers who came on board in our first year, how awesome is that! So thank you to you all for the orders and creative challenges that keep our great team busy doing amazing work on our cutting edge technology. There's no doubting we've got the best clients aye!

Okay I won't go on... here are some pics of the journey so far.

A brand was born in a flash - although the spelling not quite set in concrete by the looks. 



First prints. Our Encad Pro 600e was revolutionary. The first time a printer had ink for indoors and ink for outdoors all in one. Just like that high resolution outdoor short run printing was affordable.



Our 1999 Premises on Southwark Street.


In 2000 we installed Christchurch's first solvent printer. That mean't super durable prints without a laminate. It was also the start of no holds barred vehicle wrapping. Here's our Woody, hand built in Photoshop using the great Eye Candy plugin at the time.


After steady growth we needed more room which we found at Iversen Terrace. We thought this large space would see us good for many years to come.


During 2005 we installed one of NZ's first industrial flatbed printers. It was the first Scitex Veejet+ in the Country. It was a massive leap in technology and raised the bar for short run printing - allowing rigid sheets to be printed.


Our new mascot came to life and some out-there marketing material to boot. We really cemented ourselves as innovative through our branding.


Growing pains saw us move again. This time to Buchan Street. We ended up taking over the premises across the road too when we started up our Sign Shop.



Wow, 5 metres wide. NZ's widest printing makes it to the South Island. Our HP Scitex XL1500 was massive compared to anything we'd seen before. Another first from Adgraphix.



We won our first international award. It took pride of place in our trophy cabinet. Unfortunately soon after, mother nature decided to test its durability by earthquake, and mother nature won.


Speaking of earthquakes, we were lucky enough to re-open within days of the event. Quite a frightening experience for the workplace. The wavy print (which is supposed to be horizontal) is a result of printing during a major earthquake.


When HP released a ground breaking new model for wide format latex printing we were the first in New Zealand to receive one. Our customers continued to get the very best.



Staff with twisted arms went to a fun photoshoot to get their faces blown away. This would become our new branding and recognisable anywhere.


Earthquake repairs forced us from our Buchan Street premises so it was a good chance to find something a bit bigger to give us some room to breath. Birmingham Drive it was.


Wind the clock forward to 2018 and we've done it again. In October we took delivery of our HP R2000 latex flatbed printer for printing on rigid materials. Yes, we took the first one in the country.


 The life of the Adgraphix logo - 1999 to 2019.


And there you go... that's the brief history of Adgraphix done and dusted. Here's to next chapter of the story as we continue to stick to our roots and innovate.


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