Caked In Snow

Posted by Scott on 17 August 2011 | Comments

First of all, apologies to our customers who we could not meet their deadlines. We managed to get some staff in during the worst of the weather but unfortunately mother nature stopped us from getting more. They said it was gonna be a long cold storm... and they were right. Here are some pics of the white stuff. The benefits of having a 4 wheel drive were plain to see, moving a two wheel drive wasn't an easy feat (see pic of Daryl)! Hopefully we don't get another event like this for some time. It's par for course for many cities around the world, but we are not geared up to cope with this in Christchurch. The fun wears off pretty quickly. I think the kids are the winners when it comes to snow!!!


Cold white and cold!

Frozen milk!

and the snow keeps falling

um Daryl... you're sort of in the way of the grader.

might be time for plan B!