Loving the latex!

Posted by Scott on 3 September 2014 | Comments

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IMG Latex360aThere have been a few exciting changes happening over the last couple of months. In our drive to provide better quality and more sustainable printing, we’ve added two brand new shiney printers, HP Latex 360’s to be precise. They're pretty cool… HP latex technology provides all the durability qualities of solvent inks (the mainstay ink for tough durable prints), but without all the environmental nasties the solvent inks provide as a trade off for toughness. Better still, the latex system is odourless and far more reliable than the solvent systems we have owned in the past. The printers are more consistent with quality output and less prone to nozzle blockage issues we suffered in the past with our solvent printers.

 We’ve been running latex since early 2010 when we were the first company to install a latex printer in the South Island, so it’s fair to say that we know this stuff inside out. Given we’ve also been making colour profiles for this for over 4 years, you can rest assured we have devised routines and settings to maximise the print results without compromising on image integrity.

IMG Latex360b

 Here’s a wrap of the main highlights.

Safer in our environment - HP Latex inks are non-flammable, non combustable and nickel free and require no special ventilation.

Better at your place - Latex inks are odourless and have Greenguard Gold certification

Performance - Vibrant colours and years of fade resistance.

Versatility - Along with the usual stuff, they also print on porous textiles and double sided substrates.

Illuminated brilliance - We produce stunning backlit images with these printers.