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Posted on October 2, 2017 at 12:12 AM

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As New Zealand's leading printer of fence wrap, what an ideal project it was to produce these artworks for displaying in the community. The designs were produced by the very creative students from two schools in The East Frame, a project being run by Ōtākaro as part of the recovery plan. Read more to see what it is all about.


Client: Ōtākaro Limited

Event: The East Frame, Children’s fence murals

The East Frame will redefine inner city living in Christchurch and provide attractive choices for people wanting to live centrally. The East Frame is likely to lead to around half again more people living within the four avenues than prior to the earthquakes. This in turn will stimulate other activities and businesses like cafés, restaurants and cultural events – a key goal of the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan

There are two elements to the East Frame Anchor Project: Fletcher Living is designing and constructing approximately 900 townhouses and apartments. Ōtākaro is developing the park and paved areas that will form the third largest open space in central Christchurch.

Two schools were part of designing the fence wrap to go around the building sites, these will be moving around the East Frame developments.



What we did:

We gave the children some long lengths of paper, which they drew and painted their designs onto.  This was then scanned and had logos added, to make a digital file.  We printed onto fence mesh and finished the edges so that they could be installed onto fencing.


Thoughts and Meaning behind the murals


Christchurch East School (black background 60 metres)

The students were all asked what community and neighbourhood meant for them. They each designed their own mini mural and a couple of motifs or symbols were taken from each student to make up the final works. For example, one student came up with the two hands forming a heart, another student came up with the pounamu, another student came up with the idea of the New Brighton Pier and the Avon River, and another student came up with the Anzac poppy and the hokey pokey ice-cream, and so on. They all helped to paint both works, taking responsibility for the entire work, not just their own images.


Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Campus Mural (white background 30 metres)

After brainstorming, the main themes the students came up with about an ideal neighbourhood were support (to do and achieve) and diversity (of race, age and ability).

The girl on the left is unlocking her heart and sharing the spirit of support, diversity and is releasing a string in which it passes through the neighbourhood on a kowhaiwhai and ties everyone together.  The kowhaiwhai contains symbols of different nationalities that live in Christchurch (eg. Scottish, Irish, Pacific Island...). Superimposed on the kowhaiwhai are people holding four pieces of a puzzle.  The pieces are coloured in our school colours and represent people working together and supporting one another.  The kowhaiwhai finishes with the basketball being shot through the hoop by a boy who is aspiring to greater things and being inspired by the shadow of Stephen Adams.


Phoenix Community of ​Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery (blue background 30metres)

The children wanted to create a mural that showed the myriad ways that people use their neighbourhoods. The people that the children created are everyday people playing sport, walking pets, and spending time with people they love. Our community is ever aware that we are returning to our inner city home in the future and we wanted to create an image of our neighbourhood where everyone felt they could belong. 

Clare Quirke, Ōtākaro Limited


Artist impression of The East Frame


Artist impression of The East Frame

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