Two and a Half Decades Strong!

Posted on January 26, 2024 at 2:53 PM

Adgraphix 25 Years - 2024

From 1999 to 2024, Adgraphix is celebrating its 25th year on a journey that has seen innovation and passion for creating print, sign, and display excellence. Looking back, there is a clear pattern of pushing the envelope and adopting technology to provide cutting-edge solutions. In 1999, our desire was to offer a new approach to large format digital printing. Identifying a gap in the market, with trade backgrounds in sign and print, we designed a service through the eyes of the customer. Our approach was simple yet impactful - solid products, seamless file handling (no small feat at the time), an advanced understanding of colour, product application expertise, all coupled with unprecedented quick turnaround times.

Adgraphix is one of New Zealand's pioneers of large format digital print. We mark our milestones through our technological advancements. In 2000, we introduced solvent printing to Christchurch. Along the way, we introduced flatbed printing, white ink printing, 5 metre wide printing, water-based latex printing - all of which we continue to reinvest in to this day.



Our people are outstanding and are at the heart of our success. We've built a culture where we work hard, enjoy ourselves, and respect our work environment. Banter is a crucial part of our day, and social events are nothing short of a hoot. Embedded in our mindset is 100% customer satisfaction. Attention to detail and going the extra mile are part of our DNA.

Our customers. Undoubtedly, we have the best clients in the business. While we're not perfect, we strive to build relationships where we become a part of our customers' teams - reliable, dedicated, and trustworthy. To all our customers, past and present, thank you for trusting us with your projects.


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